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Who was Sarpidon

Sarpidon ancient image

With the name Sarpidon are known several figures in Greek mythology

In the later standard tradition, Sarpidon was the son of Zeus and Europa, and the brother of Minos and Rhadamanthus, while in other accounts Sarpedon who fought at Troy was the grandson of the Sarpedon who was the brother of Minos.

Other myth says Sarpedon, was a son of Zeus, who fought on the side of Troy in the Trojan War. Although in the Iliad, he was the son of Zeus and Laodamia, the daughter of Bellerophon

Another myth wants Sarpidon to be a Thracian son of Poseidon, eponym of Cape Sarpedon near the outlet of the River Hebrus, and brother to Poltys, King of Aenus. Unlike the other two Sarpedons, this Thracian Sarpedon was not a hero, but an insolent individual who was shot to death by Heracles as the latter was sailing away from Aenus.

Last but not least Sarpedon refers as son of Zeus and Lardane and brother of Argus

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