It is known that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. We give you the opportunity and provide a premium breakfast at your place and take advantage of its health benefits! You can enjoy the first meal of the day based on the Mediterranean diet and fresh ingredients from the Cretan Land.
In order to be able to respond to orders, we must be informed from the previous day.

The menu is based on Greek and Cretan cuisine, the products come from small producers of Cretan land and the recipes are based on traditional ways of cooking with touches of creative cuisine!
For evening orders you must inform by 17:00.

You have the option to order breakfast and be delivered in your room!

Orders at (+30) 690 984 3592, (+30) 28210 60694 (Order should be given one day before)

We cooperate with “Ring the Bell Services“, which has many years of experience in tourism gastronomy, offering the quality we desire for our guests.

Orders at (+30) 690 984 3592, (+30) 28210 60694

Payment is extra of accomondation and you pay the distributor upon delivery