Sarpidon Suites:  A milestone in modern luxury accommodation and full private experience in Chania

Full privacy, No common-use areas!

Built in 2020, just 10 km west of the city of Chania in cosmopolitan Agia Marina and right next to Platanias, it offers great options for accommodation, relaxation, tranquility, Sarpidon Suites was built with the vision of being a landmark hotel for modern luxury accommodation in the area of Chania.

Combining the traditional elements of Greek hospitality with the imposing luxury structures, innovation and excellent services, Sarpidon Suites was created with an emphasis on its special character, enriched with luxurious features.

The creative and innovative architectural design of Sarpidon Suites is inspired by the urgent need for luxury accommodation in complete privacy. The most striking feature is that all suites have a private pool.

Bed view!

In this special way, the unique architectural design of Sarpidon Suites offers all guests the unique opportunity to experience the exquisite luxury in the heart of the most touristic area of Chania enjoying Cretan hospitality.